We are removing guesswork from yield estimation,
99.778% accuracy!

YieldEstimator has a field proven accuracy up to 99.778%.

It uses advanced and scientifically accurate machine & deep learning powered methodologies utilized by

TARSENS R&D LTD and developed by its partners.

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Our Strategic Partners

Urla Şarapçılık
Lucien Arkas Bağları
MMG Şarapçılık

We have launched our strategic partnership program in 2021. Read more about it here.


The best accuracy ever proven in the viticultural yield estimation, on earth, EVER. No competitor can even get close.


250TB+ (terabytes!) of data collected. Millions of bunches labeled + generated millions of bunches!


All data trained for many decades of machine-years! (NOT comparable to human-years).


We are on all continents and all wine regions + spreading through virtual world, metaverse too!