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This page is about our business type.

  • What is a Yield Estimator?

    • Yield Estimator is a series of software and hardware systems that works in tandem to count fruits, shoots, bunches, buds, trunks in a vineyard or an orchard.

  • What is Tarsens?

    • Tarsens R&D is Tarsens Ar-Ge San. Tic. Ltd. Sti., founded by Celil Serhan Tezcan, 2017. Based in Turkey.

  • Who is Celil Serhan Tezcan?

    • Who made all the projects on possible single-handedly.

  • Why he is not the CEO?

    • He was, stepped down to focus on technology.

  • What makes Yield Estimator different?

    • Imagine it is like UBER, AirBnB, Meta, Twitter.

      • We don't own cameras.

      • We don't own vehicles.

      • Most of the time we don't even collect data.

      • We just collect data from customers and on free demo process, process it and create AI models with cutting edge hardware to run on bleeding edge platforms.

  • Are we seeking investment?

    • Yes, because, after some point we might need to serve all the vineyards and winemakers across globe.

    • Contact for more info

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