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Yield Estimator

The TARSENS Yield Estimator is an accurate yield estimation technology for the vineyards using normal cameras and advanced artificial intelligence processing.


It is a development partnership.

All data you provide will be used to develop our systems for better detection.

Your results will vary with different models but you will always have the best results with latest models.

Specific data collection requirements apply.

OCF & EPC usage is depending on vineyard condition.



Server fee changes with data load


Minimum 100 hectares maximum 2000 hectares.

3 business day rush order up to 100 hectares, 10 days between 100 - 1000 hectares. Once you capture send data to our cloud, we will be able to rush your results.

Your results will have dedicated model to your vineyards.

You will have dedicated FTP accounts.

OFC & EPC included in the cost.



+$3000 Server Fee


Low baseline limit. Minimum 10 hectares on single vineyard single training type single variety. Either you collect 10 hectares or 100 hectares, your data will be processed within 2 weeks. More accurate results will take some time to develop.

OCF & EPC included in the cost.



$1000 Server Fee


Minimum 10 hectares maximum 100 hectares/account. The sizes will be monitored with GPS locations. Your results will be processed with high-speed low-accuracy models. No accuracy warranty, the results will vary with type, training, age of the vineyards. Results will be delivered within 3 weeks.

OCF & EPC optional.



No Server Fee

Justification of price.

We are well aware that this price might seem high for this process. We are also aware of what other companies are delivering as service options.

For example, in the case of remote sensing, if you are buying "satellite imagery service" for your viticultural operations, the resolution of satellite imagery, at best is 30 cm per pixel as ground sampling distance (GSD). At 30cm/px resolution, it is "impossible" to see the bunches or determine the health of the vineyards. Most of the satellite imagery based services are charging their customers between $15 to $50/hectare. In the case of UAV imagery either with multispectral or RGB normal color photography, their costs change between $30 - $100 because of the service complexity. GSD increases to 1 to 2 cm/px. That would be enough to determine the health of the vineyard but still, bunch visibility not possible for an accurate yield estimation.

In the case of Proximal Sensing (what we do) we are able to see bunches from your videos. Each video processing takes second by second processing and if you are sending a 1 hour video, it is charged 1 hour on our servers (usually 1 hour of video = 1 hectare). So with that in mind, pre-processing, modelling, training and processing, 1 hour is = almost literally $100 in the case of AI work (with salary & server cost). With the advancement in technology, we are able to process videos faster and faster that 1 second to 1 second will decrease to 4 seconds to 1 second but the investment of the hardware is 1 seconds to 4 seconds. Overall, nothing changes.

We are making incredible discounts for our strategic partners or large vineyard owner.. If you have small vineyards, maybe you can get this service for your partner vineyards as well or ask for Co-Op to buy this service for you. We are happy to provide this service for all of the people who are interested in.

In conclusion, if you have 1200 hectares of vineyards, spending $120.000* would be either to estimate the yield on foot (+vehicle, +time cost) or this service. Decision is up to you.


*Reference, GlassDoor salary in Napa Valley for Senior Viticulturist.

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